Jordan Faison

Electrical Engineer CAD Designer Solidworks Associate


Input & References

As a professional the value of one's work can only be properly gauged by the employer and the people that the professional works with. That is why I encourage feedback as that is the only way I can improve on my own work as well as the work of others.


Working hard and making the success

Feedback From Previous Employers

Peter Villa

DuraCast Products.

Jordan was a great intern at Dura-Cast. He was willing to work on whatever projects needed attention and did very well establishing a rapid prototyping machine at our company. His skills range from hands-on turning bolts to programming a 3D printer and general electronics. He's a very efficient person with wide-ranging knowledge for his age and I would recommend him highly. There will likely be a place next summer here for Jordan Faison, if he is available. Source: Linkedin Recommendations

Rachel James Johnes
Scott Johnson

Florida Polytechnic University

I've worked with Jordan for over 3 years, and by far the most self-driven and motivated student I have had the pleasure of working with. Jordan works for the RAD makerspace I am incharge of, and he has brought a wealth of knowledge far beyond his years. Would highly recommend to anyone who may be seeking him for employment.